Investments and Reinvestments

I can remember her reflection
Skating along the puddled rain
Back then life was not the same,
It seemed to have more of a glow.

As love began to grow,
Time renamed itself to bliss
This young lady that I kiss,
She should be my only kiss.

I’ve become fogged inside my mist.
This one way mirror that I see,
Only reflects back on me,
I’m loosing sight that others see.

This woman makes it hard to breath,
With her hands around my throat.
Years stuck in an envelope,
Collecting dust upon a shelf.

I’m going to do this for myself.
I removed my goals for you.
Now I’m slowly peering through
These Congo bushes that we grew.

I was blinded in my youth,
Became enlightened in my oats.
For twenty years I remained cloaked
Then Finally an antidote.

These simple words that I wrote.
Removed the shackles off the wolf
Let my stallions stomp there hoofs.
In an salute to freedoms ring.

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