It Must Be Said

All I can do is take it lightly that you don’t appreciate the
Time and effort I put in to this like a Sheppard from the olden days, the extras from the bible, disciples without rifles.
All I can do is pound her head with it so one day she can come back to me and say: “You were my savior, I never realized I was in danger. I wouldn’t have known, I didn’t have time, the end doesn’t come in stages,”
And I respond with not a smile, just a nod.
I’m not roused cause I know I gotta be louder so the whole world can hear it and force adversaries to deal with it cause I’ll be telling it forever more, till people scream for encores as I walk out the door,
Realize that I’m dreaming and I hit the floor. But its still gotta be told till my Hearst comes and carries me away, and on that faithful day I’ll look back on all the times I prayed for God to wash my sins away to the bay where the unfaithful live
With their kids following in their footsteps, meaning hell needs to be well kept like a pound or a vet with sick people in cages in rages screaming for second chances.
I try not to stare at the graves of those who blame their fate on it being preordained, covering my ears trying not to let my mind be corrupted by the empty substance of excuses thinking they could be allusive.
If they knew it, they would never have thought the all-knowing would fall for tricks of the downward-spiral trade,
But instead bumped them up to first class on the express and they end up where they were heading in a flash.
Straight down, step on the gas.
But they didn’t know, and they still don’t. That’s why the decisions are easy but the consequences are hard.
And altruistic benevolence catches people off guard.
But it must be said, so I’ll progress past stagnant and just move my lips and guarantee that if I put it in a song, it wouldn’t get a Grammy or be a hit, but my words with its only rhythm or beat being the snares of the constant motion and the bassline of the urgency behind it is my only chance so:
I hope you think about the person beside you
And realize they’re just the same besides their ancestor’s first names, and they need you. For a moment, or an eternity
Everyday there are people with needs more important than your own. And with this thinking, maybe even sooner rather than later, you’ll be the most important person in someone else’s eyes.
Then you’ll find where the better half of karma resides.

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