Kona Sunset

During a beautiful spring day
I sit down to ponder if
We as a society are correct

About the concept of time

Think about it
We use time everywhere
It is one of the few concepts
Accepted on a world wide level

But what if we had it all wrong!

I set my alarm on my watch
So I am not late to work.

Is time a distraction from the present?
Why do we have hours, days, or years?
What if time never existed?

If humans created the concept of time
Then could we destroy it?
Maybe fear, expectations, and anxiety would disappear with it.

Our society runs
On hours and for some
“Productive” people it runs faster
On 15 minute increments
I wonder if people will ever run on seconds.

I looked at my watch
Anticipated my alarm going off
But my smoothie is only half done

Imagine if work started after your smoothie
And not exactly at 2:00PM PST
Maybe I would not be concerned with the future
And could fully enjoy my Kona Sunset

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  1. wayne, a wonderful take on time, “invented” time, and the way it sculpts our lives. you write about things we think about, but don’t always put in words, like the marvelous Kenneth Koch on boiling water, for example. you are a breath of fresh air. will

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