Late into the Night the Vision Shown bright

Just because it’s different, don’t make it carry the burden of better or worse,
Just be grateful that you got it, and store it up in your knowledge purse,
Thank God for the powers, store’em up and disperse,
For every sweet there’s a sour, for every blessing a curse,
Get better or worse, quench hunger or thirst,
Learn to balance action and rest if you wish to be first,
Oh, and if you wish to be first, then learn to be last,
And remember that shining stars always burn themselves to ash,
For nothing lasts forever, except “Forever”,
And nothing should never be said except for “never”,
life’s a risk, so take a chance, do the twist, make a dance,
Keep strong, live long, return to the source
Wisdom so familiar like, “Oh of course”,
Be smart, have heart, hone you intuition
To hell with circumstances overcome you’re disposition
Listen, I’m hiss’n, it’s truth you can’t be miss’n,
It’s all inside purify and watch it glisten,
“Seek first the kingdom of God, and everything else will be given unto you”, and if you steal you get robbed, for others cries should never be fun to you,
I run to you, arms opening wide, you smile and gesture, then brush me aside, I cried, the ocean that day, salty and wet, exhausted I lay,
Deep inside a part of me died, but I can move on because I know I tried,
I’m chase’n my destiny it’s try’n to hide,
Life’s a journey, and a hell of a ride,
Trust my intuition, in myself confide,
All I heard was the truth even though he lied,
My deciphering skills may prevent some kills,
Small glimpses of the future give my mind a thrill,
He’ll, never do the same you can’t predict a bull,
Bull, I don’t believe you,
How can my only choice be to carry you or leave you?
I need you, so I feed you, then build you up and lead you,
I can read you; you’re a book upon these eyes,
And if you look upon these eyes, you will know that souls rise,
And I’s be me, until the death of me,
And I’m to see, yet the best of me,
Cuz I’m try’n to leave, out the rest of me,
But my heart it bleeds, out this bloody ink,
So I stop to think……………
If I sleep tonight, I’ma wake refreshed,
And if I live I might, just die another death,
Unless, I get out alive O, this is what I strive fo,
live’n do or die no, give another trial,
You is in denial, have been for awhile,
Time to change you style, update your file,
I’ll, help if I can do so, a friend is really useful,
A friend is really useful, so help if you can do so
Some things are best take’n to the grave,
Discipline your tongue; make it behave,
Are you a slave to yourself? Or king of your domain?
Do you study by choice? Or do you work in vain?
I’m the Paradox Prophet, wanna get rich without profit?
If you’re hooked on the norm, I can help you get off it,
Flowing water never grows stale, the first step to success is fail,
Still waters run deep, joys of life are free, but don’t come cheap,
Sleep is to the body, what death is to the soul,
Restful rejuvenation, peace is the goal,
Forever changing the way, call to the wise men, drink what they have to say, think what they have to pray, God’s children are poor because the blessed have a price to pay,
Words are powerful, so speak and be strong,
Use’em to build so that strength will live on,
Come on, join our battle, share in our glory,
I sit, coil, and rattle, and face what’s before me,
And before me there were, many greats from the past,
Who mapped out their journey, so I could travel fast
Alas! New found land,
The eye in my mind, is speaking through my hand,
And, what it’s say’n can’t be denied,
Truth be told, it gets me high,
To read the rhymes, that I write,
They came to me like angels in the night

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