Let me say that again

You are enslaved
by your own
predicted norms

You just need to be you
You care too much about what people think about you
You think you know what the other person expects of you

You have no idea what others think
Let me say that again
You have no idea what others think

And if you are trying to think what other people are thinking
Then you are not thinking for yourself
And the next thing you know…

The moment has passed.
Then you are over analyzing your own actions
And not being true to yourself or the people around you

This means you perpetuate the cycle of who you want people to see you as
And not the person the really are
Making it even more difficult for you
to be your genuine self in the future

Be the most you
Let people judge
If they don’t like it
It was not meant to be

You hold the key
To your own salvation

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