Gives inspiration
Helps motivation
A whole new elevation
With condensation
Our habitation
Corrupt by discrimination
Over evasion
We are creation
No exaggeration
Just an obligation
To our nation
Attempting procreation
Even retaliation
Cause of repitition
We have aggresion
For redemption
Our world faces damnation
Because our pollution
We need a solution
To this illusion
Without fixation
Our temptation
To our destination
With navigation
We must have sensation
To defeat:
Just a citation
Without transportation
We will take variation
In location
Of our immobilization
To end with cremation
No simplification
Not no vacation
Just a faction
Of infatuation
Or evacuation
No time for conversation
Not much innovation
A world of complication
An acceleration
To our motivation
No abrasion
Just confrontation

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