Mind Leaking

My soul gleams bright with persistence
It’s a good thing, for my dreams are resistant
Peter Pan, Never Never Land
I shall give up never never man
Keep on fighting keep on writing
My soul is delighting as my words are reciting
Books are a constant feature
I am a knowledge leacher
It seems the words I teach
Are much stronger when I’m out of reach
As my thoughts are leak’n
I just continue speak’n
I am just a simple man
As relentless as the waves attacking the sand
The ocean and its almighty power
And I’m coast’n in this now mighty hour
Pleasure is sweet but pain is sour
Now rise to your feet, blossom like a flower
There is much power in the words we use
But some just devour and verbally abuse
We all make an impact, be mindful how you choose
Though we remain intact, we all must lose
I recall my actions, sin by sin
My past is split like fractions, lose and win
I tear myself apart, because I love the healing
Then mend my broken heart, because union is appealing
I’m in search of that one special friend
We sacrifice hurt as our hearts we lend
Step by step, I trek on in this life
Surrounded by cause and affect, we all pay a price
I may be weak, but my faith is strong
Won’t be failed by my feet, I will push on
Until there’s no where else to go, then I stop
Many more seeds left to sow, flourish shall my crop

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