On a dark and stormy day
From several blocks away
My eyes locked onto yours
This is destiny of course
Love at first sight or is it lust
Obsession really but the issue is trust
Inch-by-inch I drew closer and closer
There on the mountain dew meets the joker

Why won’t you help me
It’s your love I need to bleed

Instantly I am latched like a leach on a thigh
I never knew you could take me so high
Power and control are my major motivations
But something is released during mental ejaculation
You appeared at just the right time
I was standing on the edge of my mind
My training has taught me never to dive in
Something in your nature signals foe and friend

Why won’t you help me
This is obviously meant to be

This is one wild hot summer
I don’t know if I will wake from this slumber
Just lay down and let me enjoy my ride
I don’t care if your face you must hide
It’s your soul I want to keep
While you smother I wonder if you’ll wake from sleep
You have a fire that attracts my flame
You have a desire that brings me shame

Why won’t you help me
Why do you make me scream

How could you leave
My abuse is just your dream
You know we are meant to be
You just refuse to let your eyes see
I need your love to breathe
I can’t live it’s you I need
You know the hole that lives inside me
You know you can forgive my misdeeds

Why won’t you save me
Why don’t you love me

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