My Civic Duty

Why do only the privileged reap the benefits of psychiatric counseling, executive coaching, process consulting, private schools, and teacher’s aides?
The cycle continues
Those with more money get greater attention and resources.

To charge money for help is to perpetuate our capitalistic monetary culture.
Knowledge and help should be free and used to help us all.
Imagine having to pay a firefighter before they save you from your burning house

The health care and education institutions are broken.
At worst they are unsustainable and at best inefficient

We should provide our services for the betterment of society.
Social Scientists and Teachers should know better than to charge for their services.

I wonder what Karl Marx would say if he realized that his books needed to purchased?
Particularly by advantaged college students only for the purpose to fulfill a social science requirement for their business degree?

Change has to happen.
Why can’t we be proactive?
How bad to things need to be before the paradigm shifts?
Why does our country only come together in the face of tragedy and not opportunity?

Once we can democratize help then we can grow towards the future.
We all have gifts that need to be shared

It is not until white, middle class, heterosexual, Protestant, able bodied males
Are being affected by these difficult economic times
That our collective condition finally acknowledges national attention

When it gets to this point it’s called a Recession
For most it’s called Life.

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