My Desire For You Right Now

Let us create our own erotic tropical paradise with
voodoo magic in the air. Rest assured my sweet, that
you will have the release and gratification that your
soul and body crave. See me in your minds’
eye at this moment that I am naked in my
bed…my very fair skin glowing ivory white against the deep ruby of my bed sheets…my hair spread against the
pillows…my nipples, their pink colour deepening with
my erotic thoughts and my eyes smoldering with that
blue green colour that is found only in the
Gulf…my lips beckoning you…my
laptop is balanced on my tummy as I type this…I wish it was your warmth that I feel emanating from it… mmmmm… my legs just move apart and my back slightly arches with the thought of your body laying…pressing against mine…can you feel the points of my nipples pressed against your chest now? Come to me…take me to your bed…lose yourself in me…lap up my honey and kiss my “pearl” till you are drenched with my nectar… do not make us wait any longer.

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005

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