my inspiration

oil spills and such,
Green house gases errupt,
Goverment corrupt,
Have we not had enough?
Free speech on the line,
While the sheep,
Bleet, tweet and sleep,
Feeding into fake media frenzy,
Instead of unity,
Theres envy,
Brother can you spare a penny?
Back in the day it was a dime,
But its much worst now,
Its always taken a toll,
But it really hurts now,
Cause it seems we don’t care,
Faced with armageddons count down,
What I’m saying’s not profound,
I just say what you won’t,
Thinking that words can restore hope,
Is it money, sex or drugs,
Whats your mechanism to cope?
For me its the future,
Lil ones lookin up at me,
Lives in my hand,
Innocent trustin me….

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