Name of the Night

Saw you in the right light
First time.
You brought me,
Here again
A little like,

The last time
Nothing like,

I’ve had before

But again and again we go
And don’t.


It gets harder and harder to keep your memories afloat
In this sea of sensual provocation and nothing more

But your hallmark calling had me searching anywhere for a trace
As little as a molecule to feel like I,
Have been,
Apart of your time
And place.
You didn’t gave details
And I could never see you clearly
But I just knew, somewhere inside of me
That soon you’d fade into this thick, night, air
So heavy, couldn’t move
So quick, any other would have mistaken you
For a mirage of the dreaming state
But I felt and I knew
Open eyes underwater

Looking for the flame

You had it…
You left here…
You still do.
No proof of existence
But time seems to always reveal us
And you never fail to find your way back but
Jittery patience can’t hold in desire
Will no longer endure

Waiting can’t be mired in
Hoping my image of you is more than my drawings being depicted in every crevice of my mind 
And you are as flawless in the sun’s sight as you were in the right light
I was…
Sure I could wait, for no time longer
I find you, if you are you, will…

You allow me to?
Can’t wait for an answer
Coming for you

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