At the time he was one of my father’s closest friends.
My namesake was tragically killed in a motorcycling accident during his twenties.
Because of this man, motorcycles scare me and I have never ridden one.

I share my middle name with my father
And even though I did not like him
I cannot refute the powerful connection I have with the man, I proudly call my father.

It is well known that
That if my brother and I do not produce male children
Our family name will likely die with us.

So without further ado
Please allow me to properly introduce myself.
My name is Mr. Wayne David Everbeck. (Moment of silence)

Occasionally some people take this opportunity to comment about my name.
What gives people the right?
Is the letter W really that bizarre?

Is it because it is at the end of the alphabet?
It is because it looks like two U’s put together?
It is because it spells words like: wonder, weird, wild or wicked?

Some real winners say
Party on Wayne!

Or when I am hanging out with my friend Brady
Wayne Brady get it!

Or when people look at baby pictures of me
People say check it out
It’s lil Wayne!

Ohh, I could go on for days.
And To think that
I could be mistaken for a famous person!

SO the next time you think to make fun of someone’s name
Do yourself a favor and bite your tongue
Maybe someday you’ll be privileged enough to be considered someone’s namesake.

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