Need a Solution

Stay focused,
don’t follow the hocus pocus,
why can’t everything be peace,
and no need for toasters,
or watchin ya back,
wary of the vultures,
dodging strays in the corners,
hiding with crack smokers,
most of our problem is that we lack culture,
unaware of our roots,
overseas they try an scare em wit troops,
racism still exist,
whites fearing our youth,
this is the truth,
we swallowing lies without the proof,
son we gotta stand for ours,
we built this sh*t its like this land is ours,
did you forget?
slavery did exist,
calls for reparations dismissed,
this is sick,
if they don’t give it we gon take it,
tired of the snake sh*t,
struggle to be elevated,
pour liquor out for those who never made it,
real freedom celebrate it,
it ain’t a black or white thing…..

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