Ode to OD

With two sets of directions
He leaves work
At 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Knowing full well
He will hit Friday traffic

The linear progression
And accuracy of his calculations
Facilitates his timely arrival

His pragmatism makes him believe
He can manage the flow
Of a changing world

However, his mental assumption of staying put
Is literally called into question

As she champions the idea of
Moving closer to the train station

He avoids getting defensive by staying present
And uses this opportunity to showcase
His adaptability and preparedness

Utilizing the second set of directions
Gets them within blocks of emotional security

After finding an open space
They park and stop at a world café

With drinks in hand
The organic conversation begins

He describes actively listening to her
Is like trying to collect rainfall during a brain storm

Her success comes in the form of paying clients
And passion is for helping those unable to
Her tool kit is filled with relationship building, mind maps, and qualitative analysis

He describes himself as an internal structural consultant
Of an under resourced elementary school
His instruments include jump ropes, kick balls, and appreciation circles
Though their professional cultures diverge greatly
Their shared language and vision
Unites their goal of continuous process improvement

With the time ticking
They embrace with a hug

Global achievement is truly measured
By honest smiles, warm embraces, and honest feedback

For these colleagues will continue to collaborate

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