one night stand

Rough surface
purplish pigmentation
deep sores on pale skin
but whats underneath it?
does beauty exist where scars live?
do your hands touch without judgement?
i feel the sensation of the articles of my clothing against my skin
they could grow and attach themselves to my jeans
and when you would unzip my pants they would rip off one by one
and blood would stream down my leg
i screamed for a flash of a second
inside my jeans there would be those sores
still attached
still thriving off my insecurities
and not your hands
while your hand are on my breast
scabs creep their way off my jeans, laying on the floor
sometimes it hurts to walk
and the water running down my skin, it irritates it
it happens at night
under the covers
when you are next to me
my hands become shy when touching your bare skin
your eyes can see right through the cracks in my skin
a bad preview for what you are about to see later..
for what you are about to scream later.

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