Painfully Vivid

The blow across my face

Is so ingrained

That not feeling it


Wakes me

To the safety of my own bed


It is the first night of Spring Break

I am too bothered to sleep


(On Reflection)

I help a drunken mother

Up a mountain of stairs

She teeters and totters

Before falling to the ground


I leave

To clear my head


I come back home

A term I use loosely


To find a bathroom filled with silence

The sound of confrontation usually starts

Quieter than a whisper


A stereo is plugged in next to the tub

The dank room smells of drunken lust

I find my clothes drowning face down in the toilet


A parent apparently didn’t think

That I cleaned up after myself


I scoff under my breath

My frustration is palpable

Even upstairs my father can taste

My rage of injustice


He asks “WHAT?”

I roll my head in disgust

Knowing it’s a lost cause

Fighting with a lost cause

I never learned to shut up

For that long


I stand my ground in opposition

I don’t have to say anything


My presence alone signals my defiance

I ready for the strike across my face


When the pain doesn’t come

The adrenaline grabs for the pen


My past has ensured that this first vacation night

Will not be a restful one.



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