No where, to start.
Betrayed by all my days that show that pain and life don’t have to be a part of one another.
Synonymously combined.
I honor us, but I have to accept that
Your reality
Just confirms all my lies
Perception begins at conception
Again and again
Every moment, every instant
Can be honed as your beginning.
Not a force, just a choice
You’re the force, being more
Than your tattered fabric, too elastic, stretched-and-pulled for others use reflection can ever tell you
I love you, I never said it, but I loved you.
And I admired
The fact
That no matter how far you’re pushed,
You find,
Your way back
And so much liberation gained,
Like you’re asking for the chains again
But I’m asking for this beginning that’s never happened.
One’s that spectrum is a light that can blind your mind. Death to this sight
To the point, that the sun
Would never leave, so never comes
Will always be, in your soul
Until reality unfolds.
And the walls,
The walls fall
And the possibilities become endless.
Limitations are illusions
Dissolving any premise.
And you start, where you end
Where you’ve never been again.
And you’re more than just content to allow your mind to bend
And let go, all you know. Knew, but now you don’t, so you go
To find the truth
That’s between, me and you
That’s somewhere
Me and you.
I love you, you know that, I loved you
But now I just want to hug you until you dissolve into molecules
So you can start over again
But it’s not my job to change you, or the past
I’m just not allowing myself to look back
Good luck…

9th note to self.
P.S: Hope it’s the last

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