Random Rhymes

This is where I like to be
Just me, my tree
And my roach to be

This is how
My time I spend
Translating knowledge
From mind to pen

Just because he pulled it out
Doesn’t mean he can’t put it away
Just because you haven’t seen it
Doesn’t mean it can’t make you its prey

If I may
I just might
For each day is a fight
Whether I’m wrong or I’m right
I wanna eat good tonight

Climbing trees
Will keep you young
But too much Honey
Will get you stung

And God whispered to me:
“Now take my word or feel my wrath
I’ve doused you in dirt
Now take my bath”

And again he whispered:
“Now live my word or feel my wrath
You can drown in dirt
Or take my path”

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