Red Wine

Robust and dark
Your happy as a lark
Fruity and dry
Now your gonna cry???
Oh grapes of wrath
Get outta my path
Aromas pungent and so very bold
What fables and dark secretes have you told?
Such a smooth satiny oaky finish
As your number of friends seems to diminish
Organic with not one single tannin
Now your louder than a pirates cannon
Nuances of honey
Even screw cap is worth the money
Oh no!
A fine Cabernet
Keeps reality at bay
Hangover from hell
Pinot noir
Your the star of the bar
Spain, Chile and the California coast
Bottles of what you regret the most
Nether regions of central Spain
The burgundy thunder causing steady weight gain
And least we forget Italy’s vines
Uncorking heavy drama and countless driving fines
As soon as you are not able
To read that fine vintage’s label
Pay that tab – all the moneys due
Get some change, because you’ll surely have to pay the piper too!

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