As I look out my window I see the wind gently lifting the leaves from the branches and it reminds me of you lifting my hair from the back of my neck and kissing my nape. I quiver like the leaves at the memory.

I see the clouds drifting against the turquoise blue sky and covering the mountain tops and they remind me of when we were on a mountain top blanketed in the clouds sharing passion for the first time.

I hear laughter and I look out my window and I see a man feeding chocolate to a woman. I knowingly smile as I remember the slight feel of your finger tip against my lower lip as you place a bit of chocolate in my mouth. The taste of both delectable.

I remember the first time you placed your hand at the small of my back. A shock like electric went through my body and I looked at you and knew right there and then…I want to know you…your mind…your soul…your body.

More things I remember and they make me crave you more… to see you with my eyes… to hear the intake of your breath…to hear the sound of your voice as you tell me of things I do not know…the unconscious seeking of our fingers to entwine… the touching of knees… leaning in for lips to touch… to open…to meld…

Oh my sweet…let us make more memories… soon…

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2007

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