Rhyme TIme

Johnny Stiletto a white boy from the ghetto rode through the streets
kicking his feet to a hip-hop beat.
Money is sweeter than honey dead presidents rule in the land of the free
but with no opportunity you get disunity
in the streets of the poor
as hurricanes blow in full symphonic roar.  
It was time for a change, to rearrange,
so scratching and mixing his words in rhyme    
Johnny knew this was his time
he pulled out a Les Paul guitar and walked into a free-style bar
played an hour long song about  Shakespearean hats
blew away the industry cats
He became the rage
a musical sage
a real super star this boy was going far.
Went to the top of the music chart but inside was breaking apart.
His slide to the bottom was ugly and nasty and really a pity.
They put the blame on his fame it drove him insane
so to ease the pain he snorted cocaine that twisted his brain
It ravaged his mind made him blind, brought him to his knees
his friends rolled up on him instead of down.
He started to pray to find his connection, change his direction,
be the next selection for a place in heaven
before the man with a business plan
bought up that property high in the sky
for a very low rate
then hung a neon sign on the pearly gate saying
better not trespass or we’ll burn your skinny white ass
Interpreted in tongues by a fat cat who sat in the back of a black Cadillac with a trunk full of puns
if you think that’s whack Jack listen to this
Leonardo Da Vinci an artist of might who painted by numbers but not by night
He spoke of infinity with such serenity
then he carved a statue of the mother Mary
in the perfect image of a naked canary
Chewing on half eaten bread
While singing songs by the Grateful Dead
Then recited Dante’s Inferno word for word with a bit of humility
Leonardo Di Caprio was another story not without it’s own sense of glory.
but it seemed like vanity to those in the know.
He sank on the Titanic, but the box office was gigantic.
His groupies roamed from town to town to tell of his tales
while the critics hammered him home with rusty nails
They gathered around him like Jesus Christ
turned his blood to wine then to ice
trudging through the streets in all their glory
making sure to tell his personal story
Meantime Salvatore Dali painted a mirage in Death Valley
as Albert Einstein made love to  Sally in a poorly lit bowing alley
then they met up at union rally  
Al took a political stance
Sal took off his pants
Together they danced outside a hall near the great Chinese wall
where the ladies in polka dot panties played with a blind midget’s left eyeball.
Without warning Einstein clutched his mc squared climbed atop a parking meter
screamed  “I want to be Rita the parking maid feeder”
Since he couldn’t be her or even see her
he rode off into glass onion
sounding like a character from a book the of Damon Runy

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