Safe Haven

I’m from a bad place that I still call home
I’m from the city that’s never been a drug-free zone
I see Bum’s, Thug’s, Hoe’s, G’s and Scrubs
I know we all human so we all need love
I live for life I’m brighter than high beams
I know it gets better it’s not as bad as it seems
If I cross these tracks I’ll be in Central
We should own houses stop living in rentals
I’m from Dodge City the Noya Narf Richmond
You’ll get took out the game if you get caught slippin
They’re on Turf Politics Pills Purple and hollowtips
Create R.I.P shirts and love to model it
I see police brutality looking out my project window
Get slapped in the face with dope baggies every time the wind blow
Young dudes carry kaddaz outta they’re section
12 year old cousin go to school with a “Smith and Wesson”
They shot they stabbed they killed my kin
Keep my focus on my future put my pain in the pen
I’m from a bad place that I still call home
I see what I see because this is what I condone

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