Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

The play of your life
Continues unrehearsed

Fate is the director
But you have plans of our own

You (The Protagonist)
Are stranded
With only scraps of plot

The script is impulsively ad-libbed
Except for a few self-rehearsed plot twists

The supporting cast of characters
Differ with relevancy and appearance over time

You hope the fan favorites
Remain in the wings

Ready to help advance the narrative
At a moments notice

And if everything appears to be going wrong

Imagine yourself in the balcony
Laughing with the audience

At the fool
On the stage

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  1. wayne, of your current submissions, this is my favorite. it brings to mind an Ashbery poem where he says, (and i paraphrase,) he can see the clouds in the background are made of cotton, and he sees the stage machinery being moved. to see the varying aspects of reality, and to be outside observing it is a great take. to repeat my favorite Wallace Stevens, “realism is a corruption of reality.” keep on keeping on. will

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