In my twilight sleep I am aware of
My cheek resting against the wash worn soft cotton of my pillow
I faintly hear the nightingales sing their song
their tone imploring…seeking…
I awaken to the moonlight stealing through the blinds
and sigh…
and wonder
“Is this to be another night of lost sleep and dreams?”

I am so tired. Sleep eludes me.
The night and its sounds are my companions
where lately I feel safest.
Day time has become alien yet I know
it is there I need to be.
To function.
To live my life.

Night time…Sweet velvet night time.
Remembering my childhood.
Remembering my father.
Cuddling next to him on his bed.
His whispering in the summer darkness,
“Shhhh… Look out the window.
You can see the fairies out on the trees.”
Feeling such happiness there with him.
Feeling safe. Feeling love.

Now years later I wonder in these sleep deprived nights
“Do I still look for the fairies out in the trees?”

Sleep. Precious sleep. Elude me no more.

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2009

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