Society’s Manifesto

Most of our suffering happens in our minds
It comes from assumptions, expectations, and miscommunications
I am sorry to say we are not going to reach collective enlightenment in our lifetime

Some major external catastrophes could help shake up our stupid priorities
I have my fingers crossed for 2012
We could really use a global reality check

Our brains are to individually entrenched to see the bigger picture
We cannot progress with the stagnate thinking of the past
It is almost 2010 and people are still starving and homeless

I think Maslow got it wrong.
I don’t believe that self actualization is the top of the pyramid.
I believe community actualization should be the top of the hierarchy.

I purpose the Heterarchy of Wants
“heterarchy is defined as “the relation of elements to one another when they are unranked or when they possess the potential for being ranked in a number of different ways”)”

When people start to realize how connected everyone is
Then basic needs like clean water and food will become problems of the past.
Once people’s basic needs are met then each individual can fulfill their greater purpose
Their greater purpose will satisfy their individual wants which won’t be based on greed.

The way we are living is unsustainable
The options are simple
Avoid change and get devoured
Embrace change and get empowered

My job is to find out a way to spread social consciousness
To the planet before we kill ourselves
If I do not proceed with my calling then I have
Committed social suicide

I would not be the me I want to be if
I did not help stop this crisis

Ask me about the
Social Clinic, The Year Round Outdoor School, and Live Action Career Fair
The process is the end of suffering

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