Somewhere Someway Somehow

Somewhere Someway Somehow
Everything tracks
On this road running flats
The big dogs have gone to sleep
Beautiful bodies off their feet
And we all shine
Somewhere beyond the stars
And we all rise far
Far within our own hearts
Nothing records
On this road of psych wards
This little tiger has gone sane
Beautiful magic has lost its game
And we all shine
Someway beyond the moon
So we will rise far
Far within and pass the sun
We can do anything
We can find music within a note
We can begin the began
We can find something so remote
And we all shine
Somehow beyond ourselves
Yes, we can rise far
Far within ourselves
Right on
Right on
Right on

This was written in 2006 during my first visit to the psych ward. At the time, I believed I was channeling John Lennon by answering to his song “Imagine.”

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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