Step Aside

So which derivatives finally brought you
Down to these placebo tract sprawl avenues
Away from the cusp of excitement?

There was no one to confirm your rapid
Demise. Edited out, it was implied.
In retrospect much reflection tastes of ashes.

Some chose Buddhism it is floated
Out in the cocktail talk. Wandering among
Real trees, not just those in HD is draining

Replies the encumbered broker, unbending
But fitting his title more each day. Waiting
For the Feds to finish reading his files

He is miles from the action, seeing
Anew that there is no food service to call
Out here and no delivery of plaques for being

Gone from the picture.
Others hold your place.
Others have stepped over you on their way up

In this transitory moment
In our country’s watching
The coming lights speeding toward us in the tunnel.

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