Strange Ways

The lack of preparation for a final onslaught has cost me dearly.
I have fought the fine fight and lost the battle over my heart.
The failure in my defense is and always has been my weakest link,
the ever loving ever-lasting deeply soulful Purple Heart.
Many times I have obtained this badge of honor.
Unfortunately however I receive no glory with its reward.
To love and be loved is my holy grail.
This noble quest does elude me much like the precious elixir of life escapes the notice of modern man.
It is my own blood that has been derived from that of the phoenix and the dragon.
It is my own love that is the pearl hidden within my wine.
Once it spills the secrets revealed can no longer be hidden to the mysterious merchant,
who has drank of the waters.
All at once I am everything and nothing, blissful oblivion.
If I am fortunate enough to encounter the kindred then I too am infused with the light of life.
In my beloveds arms I both release and receive.
In the darkest of nights on the fullest of moons the most powerful of energies stirs amid the spring.
What has once died in the cold of winter is born again in the warmth of the May sun.
Alchemical creations gesticulate in the electrical conduits of time and space.
You have crossed many oceans in search of this moment and I have sailed seventy seas.
Now that my hearts eye has been opened I can no longer see.
For this dark merchant a warrior of roads must, proceed with his destiny.
Through the long and winding roads he bleeds.
This wanderer has plans his goals he must inevitably feed.
When he passes through this caldron again he will inevitably be drawn to pass through me.

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