Summer Love

Is it worth a shining moment,
For a place in the sun?
Coming together,
But only to depart,
And end what we’ve begun.

We can come together in shadows,
Escaping under trees, the heat
That fills long days of sun and sky
Upon which me meet.

But when the sun sets
Or in blows the winter cold,
Our romance will soon whither
We will come back into the fold.

Yet it could all be worth
One shining moment
A place for us in the sun,
Coming together for
What seems like forever,
No end for what was begun.

Hand in hand, hidden
When the little ones come to play,
I’ll climb into your arms,
And the end of the languid day.

There I’ll build a home for you
Out of the truths I cannot hide,
A place for us to find a shelter
Where space can be defied.

I know it is worth,
One shining moment,
To make a place out in the sun,
Let’s not look back
On fading time with regret
And wonder we could have begun

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