The Cycle Begins Anew Tomorrow

Internal chatter begins
Awareness fades

Eye lids spring open
Light drenches retinas
Vision shakes
Focuses on everything

Chatter becomes a train of thought
Without a track
Lead by a sadistic conductor

Nature and the shower call simultaneously
With promises of release and warmth
The sheets are pulled back
Like the banana that gets eaten later

Brain waves are frequent … prominent
Foolishly saturating the body and lungs with salt water
Drowning in expectations, assumptions, and intentions

The race against the clock has begun
Routines and social customs take over

The day is on autopilot, the destination is known

Coordinates read
A daily checklist scribbled in a notebook
That is bound
To be repeated

Now is when
The rest
Of the day
Becomes an oxymoron

Night is
Preparation for rest
Everything has been overworked
Eyelids sag to the gentile force of gravity

The mind slows
Embrace this peaceful time
For the cycle begins a new tomorrow.

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