The Glass Is Not Empty The Water Just Evaporated

Everyone knows how it is going to end
And yet…
People fear it

People keep it afar
In nursing homes and hospitals
To make it less real

Conversations about it
Are uncomfortable
Deemed morbid and inappropriate

I find it interesting that people respond differently
To the questions:
1.) What do you live for?
2.) What would you die for?
They seem pretty similar to me
Hopefully I have lived my life accordingly

Death is only negative if you look at it that way
I am not sure about what happens after death, but
I am sure that it ends life
Death is actually a reminder to the living of how precious life really is

Death should be as celebrated
Just as much as the other end of the spectrum

That is why I would like to have a clown
Host my death shower

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  1. first, great title. you write naturally, and concisely about what we think about or should think about. like the clown ending, adds lightness to serious inquiry. i do disagree with the conclusion about the questions on what we live or die for. an artist, for example, may live for his work but, not be willing to die for his works in the same way Che Guevara gave his life. what we live for may not be the same as what we would die for. still all your work glows with good intentions, and food for thought. will

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