The One Upstairs

The ONE upstairs loves HIS children on earth
Although we cannot see HIM, HE never leaves us
Only a few share HIS great divine secret
Now and then HE dresses up as man and comes downstairs.

Lucky for us GOD loves HIS creation so much
Through endless time HE has worn many coats
HE comes down among us for a while
Just for the sake of HIS children on earth.

A few share HIS secret while HE’S downstairs as man
He stays with us and plays with us
Laughs and suffers with us
GOD is ONE, the ONE and only, HE alone exists!!!

Trust in HIM by leaving all results entirely to HIM
Don’t worry, be happy. When HE drops HIS human form
It just means HE’LL be back again when we really need HIM
My heart belongs to HIM and to the moon and stars
Listen to the sound of the song bird within
Even when other people say it can’t done.

LOVE is available to everyone forever and ever!!!

This poem means more to me now than when I wrote it twenty years ago. The Rich Love Band says “don’t let drugs; mental-illness or other people stop your wildest dreams!!!”

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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