The unity of opposites

Deep inside me there’s a poet I know it,
I blow it then throw it
I read it, I write it, I struggle, I fight it,
I fix it, I brake it, I give it, I take it,
It’s in and it’s out, it comes and it goes,
like truth ‘n lies and friends ‘n foes.
It was cold and wet now it’s hot and dry,
we live to struggle, thrive, then die.
I’m laugh’n, I’m love’n, I’m cook’n and I’m grub’n,
I’m live’n and I’m learn’n, I’m work’n and I’m earn’n.
I’m up and I’m down, I’m white and I’m brown, I’m a servant and a crown,
I smile and I frown. I’m hot and I’m cold, I’m shy and I’m bold,
a diamond in the ruff or solid gold?
Once upon a time, or never before? I went through the window and out the back door.
I’ve kicked and I’ve punched, I’ve snapped and I’ve crunched.
I sit and I wait, I get up and go, I surrender to fate and go with the flow.
As problems solve I grow and evolve, I contract and Expand like a rubber band.
A childish man with a spontaneous plan, I do what I can to conserve the land.
You should 2 because together we’re 3, just imagine how fruitful we all could be

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