Thoughts for the day: on our profitable life

The way things are
in this declining empire
and our thoughts that transpire
about the rules & “choices”
that we have are not our own.

They are the products of those
who control all that is around us.

When you live mentally inside a cage
it is hard to see “outside thinking.”

“What profit a man if he gains
the whole world, but loses his soul?”
—the Bible

In this our land that which is produced
requires an excess profit has to be made
by someone. That is the root of our problem.

Analysis: To see clearly that the material
interest of those that produce is in conflict
with those who control production.

Long ago, something was imagined that was
rational, human & democratic, and
other humans modified, distorted, & destroyed
that vision.

Karl Marx upon reading a contemporary
interpretation of his writing,(paraphrasing,)
“one thing is sure, I’m not a Marxist.”

Jesus, today would probably look at what
is created in his name by men & say,
“one this is sure, I’m not a Christian.”

“In the Soviet Union capitalism triumphed
over communism. In America capitalism
triumphed over democracy.”
—-Nora Ephron

It is time we seriously consider &
move toward a better economic system that
has as its goal the enrichment of all mankind,
not just the few.

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