Through Your Lens – In memory of Craig Elliott Jr. 1960-2011

In the still early morning
of yet another night
bereft of sleep
I see myself
as you looked
at me
through your lens
That individual moment
you captured

I was
My minds memory
the smooth grained sand
by the gently
minuscule waves
that my aching toes
and heels
delighted in

The salty yet sweet
early evening breeze
with the tendrils
of my hair
tickled my nose

Seagulls flying…
calling out to each other…
a young girl and boy
in the first throes of love
kissing and laughing…
and again the waves
so small that particular
pink and gold hued evening
their sound was
a gossamer soft hush

Then in the shimmering distance
a lone sailboat
on the horizon
barely noticeable
Was I
aware of it
in my private

Did you notice
all these things?
Is that what caused
you to lift
your beloved camera
to your eye?
Forever capture
that moment in time?

Was this how I was
to remember you?
you saw me?
Was this
you loved me?

copyright July 2012 catherine anne hayes

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