Two Poems for Clark Coolidge

Driving Out Somewhere

To come out of the haze
that hung on the street
was a deep breath released.

Turning catches corners
lifting angle glance windy
sparse grit clutters angular walks.

Tied to bullet response held
back along drives away along
avenues dimly lit hushed fever gulf.

Roped-off personal folly comes
as the mind in the humming car
envisions the circumstance called the world.

All At Once

Register will and clock from silence.
Aperitif greets the meat of digression.
Happenstance fades to glimmer blade,
bends the corners of not quite.

Once there was subterfuge in the telling.
The all encompassing let it out.
Partial explanations for this moment
will never bond with your idea of narrative.

The alpha and the omega of transport blues
parks outside the newsstand playing
for change which is transitory.
All at once the measure ends, gathers dusk to its side.

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