Unanswered Questions

I lay alone
I’m empty inside
I ache for you
Who cares about pride
I need you so

Out of the darkness I must go
Into the brightness
where happiness could grow
I wish I could tell you
what lies deep inside me
Your silence is deafening,
confusing, surprising

You did by your actions let me know
how you felt
Your words were the catalyst that
made my iced heart melt
You looked in my eyes and said that you cared
and to fulfill all my needs you would
gladly be there

Now it’s been a while since our last communication
Was I a fool to give you my soul’s secret declaration?
I truly believed you meant what you said
Then why am I so sad, sitting forlorn, on my cold bed?

For you I’d climbed the steepest mountains
I’d swim the roughest seas
I’d be there right beside you and let you be one with me
Cast the demons from your life
No more misery no more strife
Oh Darling
Come to me
Take me
Love me

copyright 22 june 2012 catherine anne hayes

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