Waiting to Blow Away

Like a dandelion in the wind
So is my since of weightlessness
Since I fell into unconditional love
I am light and I’m alive

But sometimes I feel I’m
Waiting to blow away

The realities of my first born
They cut me though I hide
She beckons me through her midnight eyes
She calls out without a voice
Our condition is bent it’s darkened our minds
Now she lays in wait alone

Waiting to blow away

And now is revealed my pain, so real
And how she feels alone, in the cold
Sometimes she feels no such thing as change
And She fears she has no home
Sometimes she feels who is drawing her near
She feels just like her Mom

Waiting to blow away

I’m drowning in a pool of lies
I’m dying to breathe truth again
I long for the day when I can live
Reunited with her we begin

This melancholy I feel is so surreal
Like it sets me adrift in the wind
Alone in the cold without a home
And so I know how she feels
Waiting to blow away

And one day when my sun arrives
I’ll look toward her voice
In the distance of time and space deprived silenced so wrongly long ago
I know in my heart she’ll sing the song in love of the Sovereign our Lord
No longer the pain and distancing
No longer the shadows of grief
No longer the lies and deception and greed
No longer the sting of the beast

This love that we feel is so for real it’s unconditional and it’s in peace
But this time we’ll dance and sing our songs and embrace the happiness
And this time we will be
Waiting to fly away (so light and lively, loving peace)
Waiting to fly away (so light and lovely, perfect, serene)

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