Walking Away

walking away and walking quickly
from all the confusion
the distractions
the poisons
that try their best to do their hateful damage
on what is so new
so good
so real

for once in my life I do not want to back down
I do not want to give up
what is so right for me
I will not play the martyr
and wear the horse hair shirt
I leave that to others
I will be who am
be inspired and create without censure
love and be loved freely
and joyfully

for this life is not infinite
so much has been wasted
caught up in pleasing others
who are not grateful anyway
they just want to stay miserable

Me?…I chose happiness
I have earned it
I’ve paid my dues
So bring on the music and laughter
the star shine and all the beauty
and love…sweet, sweet love
This abundantly beautiful woman is ready to be filled up!!!!

copyright 5/31/2012 catherine anne hayes

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