In her room stand the walls, she painted with her pain.
One of them deep blue in color, fully depicts her strain.
Another holds the window, as the portal to her minds eye.
Through it beckons the sun, arousing her in a majestic sky.
Appears an apparition from Omega making her sane
by rendering to her brightness, passion, pleasure and much pain.
There also stand two walls, painted bright as the day,
these depict the strength she’s gained
from fighting along the way.
These walls of her room paint her path, crooked and thin
followed through space and time down the path veiled in sin.
A vision of long ago engineered from high above,
fulfilling for eternity, through her genes fed with love.
The sun is the strongest of the omens which she heeds.
She doesn’t know exactly why in her it leaves its seed.
The vision of the sun burns a void she has to fill,
but she rebukes the insight and her own path tries to build.
A dichotomy she reaped through her lineage love and pain.
Now all alone she sits behind the walls she painted in vain.

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