Whores Of America

In one way or another we all must compromise a piece of ourselves.
Whether it’s our values, beliefs, actions or grief.
We all must whore ourselves out in some way.
Corporate theocracy
Institutional racism
Ejaculation of a nation.
Remarks from the action war hero
destined to kill for the badge of honor
Awarded with scar tissue instead of a face.
It is no wonder
We feel a little used
Just a little bit bruised
By the reality of life
By not putting up more of a fight.
Your own quest for moral good is
shattered in the name of the game
Called “keeping your cool”
We all sell a thread of our souls
To relish in what is supposed to be
How they tell us to see.
Clothes unmade in America.
Feeling always scared of us.
The truth beholds all that is
unfair and unjust.
We sell ourselves just at the cusp.
Whores of America united in lust.
Fascist statements unite us at the bust.
The moral code
Undetectable through the actions
of the supreme.
Metamorphosized into a nightmarish dream.
Who is our team?
Whores of America united at the seams.

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