Worthy Oppenent

pray to God
I’m a worthy opponent
Forget the future
Stay focused on the moment
What am I to do
My back against the wall
Am I gonna fall
Ah hell naw!
I?ma fight hard
Harder than before
Get’em in my clinch
Take’em to the floor
Make’em fight my fight
That’s what I’ma do
Get some get right
Choke’em till they blue

Look’em in his eye
Hear his soul cry
He don’t wanna die
Neither do I
Someone gotta go
We both can’t stay
So here we fuck’n go
We fight’n for the day
So let the blows rain
Aim’n for the brain
If he swerve’n out his lane
And he can’t maintain
I?ma make’em pay
And seize the day
Why’s it gotta be
Be this way
Why we gotta fight
Is what they say
I don’t make the rules
But I know how to play
And play I shall, shall I say
Fuck’n with me
Will limit your days

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