Yesterday’s Flow

Problem with the
Self unfolding
Let it go.

Out looking for replacements of something not sure ever had
Remember it though
Feel like it would bring another dimension to the still life
But try to fit square pegs into yang holes
Write personality into neat phrases
That have no chance of housing contradictions that speak louder than all characteristics
Want someone to feel that, cause no one would believe it
Or should buy this
But auctioned anyway
The holding place placebo

Holding out
That was never forsaken
Maybe used as excuse to explain helplessness
Or the storm before
Reap the benefits of not having a place there
And guided till I found here
Consequence in the form of a choice
One, not ready to make
Hope someone informs of the correct timing.
But there’s the role of victim, again
Done so much to make that mask fit
So easy to sink into it
But would I rather drown in the memories or make it in a creation of my own?
May take tears or might take blood
But need something to float on
For practice?
If that’s what life is
That’s where the cold comes from
Nothing to do with viruses
Just sweating out what’s done with
Light headedness in forgetfulness of the extraness
Or just flu season
Either or

Take pride in all the outcomes
That could have been witnessed
And made it here anyway
If this is it, I’ll take all the blame for yesterday
He is, but I am not finished
Or done

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