A Balmy Night

We choose the starling over the rooster, the apricot over the plum. In sum the tastes of one are from long striving to understand what composes an identity to fill out as your own. There are paintings I “enjoy” though I know not why. The compatibility of vision is perhaps unknowable. Describe this wine without […]

What Belongs

1. Lists help us break up time. Before the list is disorder, chaos. After the prioritizing is done comes purpose, a sense of fulfillment at least if life is a set of things to do. I have walked a long way to get to here pausing for libation in all its variety. 2. The farmers’ […]

And when…

We are rogues in the gallery of ever more darkening whys. All humdrum & piddle-paddle we rattle, prattle on ’til dusk. The orchard of time’s diminishing venue has dropped its fruit at our feet. We plaster the pictures on the wall. Judge not until you heed the call. Line up. You have a number. When […]

4 Haikus

(remember a haiku consists of three lines with five syllables, seven, then five) Earth Haiku Husbandry is due to bring our sacred earth through, fix mistakes renew Mothers haiku Mothers nurture us with a purpose plus they re- furbish forever Hermit haiku Oh, look at this world I’d rather knot my brow in sage rage […]


Next to the bathroom sink is a small picture of Christ, a button, a paperclip & next to his face, a Bluetooth which caused me to wonder if he again walked physically among us, would he be wearing one? Once more both God & man: eating, sleeping, sweating, receiving messages from elsewhere as we do. […]