Author: Wayne Everbeck

  • Is Survival Enough?

    He can’t remember Why The attractive teacher   Blasted through The closet door   With passionate rage Burning like sulfur From her sockets   His breath Taken away From the sucker punch   He finds comfort In the violent reaction   He gets carried away By his daydreams   But he cannot Run from his […]

  • Incessant Ramblings of an Optimist (Relentless Ramblings of a Romantic)

    A hesitation Makes me question   To see if my spelling is correct   Glaring at words in a thesaurus   The original Not poetic enough The process Altered   The instinct versus the allegory   The words Find their way From a notebook To a computer anyway     I digress To find myself… […]

  • I Will Not Fight In the Shadows

    From a safe distance   Anxiety sets in As my sweaty clenched fists Cross in front of me   I seek refuge   In my mental isolation chamber which Distances me from opportunity While comforting me from possibility   Leaving me Straight jacketed by my own fear   My attempt to lash out Is silenced […]

  • Genesis

    Worry and fret Get stashed In the bedside table   The darkness Of the late hour   Makes your blurred vision Temporally meaningless   Fighting with your eyelids Just stalls your reality From your date with fantasy   With your external senses In dire need of rest Your mind relaxes and explores itself   This […]

  • Life is Coming up Roses

    If you don’t want you shit to stink I suggest eating roses Stem first   If you can get handle the thorns The petals will soothe the pain away    

  • Fall of a Season

    The Alluring acidic aroma Of decomposing leaves In a sidewalk gutter   Hangs sweetly As a chilled nose Inhales   Mother Nature’s perfume   Ohh   What a great excuse To practice our ratio of Powdered hot chocolate mix To heated milk   The nectar Of frost bitten mornings   The blend of sunny Cold […]

  • Dinnerware

    I don’t get excited about mixing bowls. I have lived too much life to get moved by such things. It is refreshing to know that I will not be bummed about the inevitable crack to come.    

  • Sugar Coated

    One of my gifts Is best served cold   If you inhale my gift Your brain will freeze   If you let it linger It will melt   Sticking to everything While attracting flies   If you use the wooden stick Provided to you You will receive splinters   If you use a spoon I […]

  • Spring

    Where else is it Socially acceptable   To dress Half naked   While replacing Warm layered clothes   By sunscreen Shorts and Smiles that form organically   Relaxing   Sleeveless   Pant less   Flip flopping along   Your soul hanging Between Your toes   Exposure to the untamed earth Is worth the burn   […]

  • The Significance of Time

    If our left sided brain Did not have to be so logical   We could easily prove that These seconds .     .     .   Hold more Space Than forgotten years