Author: Wayne Everbeck

  • I’d like to see your credentials

    Why did Jesus and Buddha have to teach others? It sounds to me like being enlightened was not enough So they had to share it with others We will never know their internal dialog or reasoning to lend a helping hand If the major role models of a religion were teachers Is it enough to […]

  • Internal Fight Club

    I feel the best way to get over my thoughts is to accept them. If I don’t accept my thoughts they fester in my head I don’t accept the thoughts as truth, just their existence Once they are acknowledged I cannot deny their existence. I try to hold them loosely and Not let them direct […]

  • The Pursuit of Happyness (Putting the I back in Happiness)

    If the most satisfaction you get from your day is crossing something off your to do list Then something is wrong. It may keep you busy. But you are really not fully present when you are doing the things on your list You are doing them to complete them and move onto the next item […]

  • What do I live for?

    Personally a lot of my thought has gone into this question. So instead of thinking about an answer to this question, I decided to go for a run instead. After my run, I established that living is a privilege and should be treated as such. I live for the present moment. I allow myself for […]

  • How losing the Present ruins Christmas

    I have a problem with the phrase: The Past is the Past The Future is the Future And the Present is a present presents are items that we hope in the future will bring happiness presents are temporary. Examined Played with Discarded The Present is The Present is infinite…. Receiving Holding Inspecting Opening Discarding the […]

  • Haha

    Why do I have to look at my email and Facebook every time I open my computer? Staying busy is a fad God forbid that we are lazy As I look at myself in the mirror I wonder where does my face belong? Acceptance is a good thing Life is happening I need to p […]

  • A New Way

    The quieter the outside world is the Louder your inner thoughts can become Then you have to face the root of all your problems Yourself So we avoid it By keeping busy Filling calendars with plans All while ignoring our inner needs With hopes they will be fulfilled externally By that new car, phone, house, […]

  • Ode to OD

    With two sets of directions He leaves work At 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time Knowing full well He will hit Friday traffic The linear progression And accuracy of his calculations Facilitates his timely arrival His pragmatism makes him believe He can manage the flow Of a changing world However, his mental assumption of staying put […]

  • Painfully Vivid

    The blow across my face Is so ingrained That not feeling it   Wakes me To the safety of my own bed   It is the first night of Spring Break I am too bothered to sleep   (On Reflection) I help a drunken mother Up a mountain of stairs She teeters and totters Before […]

  • My Mother told me to Avoid Girls like you

    Poetry doesn’t work A nine to five   Nor does she live in the good part or Bad part of town   But in the thick of everything   In the second story apartment Above the burlesque jazz club With the daily open mic night   She picks up shifts When it is convenient for […]