Author: Wayne Everbeck

  • I know I need a bandaid

    After running up a down a mountain Come back to the house feeling accomplished Take off my sweaty clothes And put the wet clothes in the drier I try very hard to be perfect No one can complain if you don’t do anything wrong Right? These difficult words seem to always escape me when I […]

  • Let me say that again

    You are enslaved by your own thoughts assumptions predicted norms You just need to be you You care too much about what people think about you You think you know what the other person expects of you You have no idea what others think Let me say that again You have no idea what others […]

  • Internal Fight Club

    I feel the best way to get over my thoughts is to accept them. If I don’t accept my thoughts they fester in my head I don’t accept the thoughts as truth, just their existence Once they are acknowledged I cannot deny their existence. I try to hold them loosely and Not let them direct […]

  • You need to write this down

    Up to this point my life was a struggle Survival is my crutch It is comfortable I have used it to stroke my ego Wayne realize the crutch is slowing you down Check! What happens next? No more excuses Face your fear of FAILURE Feeling alive is my purpose I want to share that feeling […]

  • What do I do with these feelings?

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says, “Behavior is a product of conscience choice, rather than a product based on feelings.” The Secret says feelings can be used as a tool to let us know if we are in the right frequency. It also says that we can shift our feelings and start producing […]

  • An Atheist’s Lament

    On Judgment Day God is going to ask us if we lived our lives to the fullest extent possible. At this point, you know lying is not an option because God is all knowing. So what if your answer to the question was “No I did not live my life to the fullest.” God might […]

  • And The Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To…..

    My whole life I have played roles I change roles depending who is around My characters include: oldest son, brother, boy friend, Wayne Train, friend, co-worker, Skeevy, and Wayne Everbeck Like most actors I enjoy having a captive audience So in my past I usually surrounded myself with tons of people My supporting cast determined […]

  • Modest Mouse has the right Idea

    It is almost Shabbot. I am watching dragonflies seamlessly float over the lily pads which seamlessly float over the pond as I seamlessly float in a boat over it all. My relaxation is effortless. My ripples are contagious.

  • My Civic Duty

    Why do only the privileged reap the benefits of psychiatric counseling, executive coaching, process consulting, private schools, and teacher’s aides? The cycle continues Those with more money get greater attention and resources. To charge money for help is to perpetuate our capitalistic monetary culture. Knowledge and help should be free and used to help us […]

  • And this is only the Bathroom

    By doing small things That might safe time later I realize how much I sacrifice the present to Reward the possibility of the future I unwrap a single toilet paper roll and Put it under the other Unfinished one Knowing that if I put two Toilet paper rolls under the first Unfinished toilet paper roll […]