Author: Wayne Everbeck

  • Kona Sunset

    During a beautiful spring day I sit down to ponder if We as a society are correct About the concept of time Think about it We use time everywhere It is one of the few concepts Accepted on a world wide level But what if we had it all wrong! Ironically I set my alarm […]

  • The Cycle Begins Anew Tomorrow

    Internal chatter begins Awareness fades Eye lids spring open Light drenches retinas Vision shakes Focuses on everything Chatter becomes a train of thought Without a track Lead by a sadistic conductor Nature and the shower call simultaneously With promises of release and warmth The sheets are pulled back Like the banana that gets eaten later […]

  • Namesake

    At the time he was one of my father’s closest friends. My namesake was tragically killed in a motorcycling accident during his twenties. Because of this man, motorcycles scare me and I have never ridden one. I share my middle name with my father And even though I did not like him I cannot refute […]

  • Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

    The play of your life Continues unrehearsed Fate is the director But you have plans of our own You (The Protagonist) Are stranded With only scraps of plot The script is impulsively ad-libbed Except for a few self-rehearsed plot twists The supporting cast of characters Differ with relevancy and appearance over time You hope the […]