Author: MagicMan

  • Bush Regime

    We walk, blindly, dividedly, seperate. Thats why we can’t get together on the economy, people focused on hitting the lottery. Its sodomy on the society. We getting fucked on all angles, straight up strangled, chewed up and mangled by all these government organizations. Its hell on earth and wheres satan. Were facing a financial meltdown […]

  • Distortion Distraction

    Distortion/Distraction strong, feeble or weak reaction Distortion/Distraction a leader for change and maturation for a doomed nation, this is surely a distraction that we are all facing. Fake politicians with fake words and a fake message for all of us to listen. They cook up a storm and blow smoke up our ass inside of […]

  • Bullsh*t

    What’s going on Magic Man right here My plan is to remove the soothing excuses that are said inside you ear . To unveil the blindfold that hide your eyes closed, that mask and disguise the truth from the youth. Political figures try to unfold and gain political power through telling you lies and not […]